News Roundup

  • Kendrick Meek attacked Charlie Crist (his possible foe in the 2010 Senate race) for not handling stimulus funds in a way best for Florida. [PBPost]
  • Some d-bag was arrested for using his camera phone to take up-skirt videos at Aventura Mall. [NBCMiami]
  • "Don Diego" Montoya, a Colombian drug kingpin, is expected to plead guilty in a Miami courtroom today. [AP]
  • Miguel Diaz has been officially named U.S. ambassador to the Holy See. [Herald]
  • Fancy Miami Beach hotels are having a hard time attracting fancy people to stay in them. Even the Delano's bookings are down 20 percent. [Herald]
  • Notorious jewel thief "Condo Joe" is heading back to prison for breaking into an Indian River condo. [Herald]
  • Two beaked whales beached themselves in Hollywood and died. [NYTimes]
  • Miami Dolphins players keep quitting, most recently fullback Matt Quillen. [PI]


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