News Roundup


  • Alleged cat killer Tyler Weinman will be released from jail on bail Wednesday. He'll remain under house arrest and be monitored with a tracking bracelet.  [Herald]
  • Donte' Stallworth got only 30 days in jail for manslaughter, which is, um, not a whole lot of time for slaughtering a man. [NBCMiami]
  • No one wants to name a high school after Janet Reno, so instead it goes to Alonzo Mourning. [AP]
  • The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is getting involved in last weekend's mysterious shooting of a tourist at the hands of a Miami Beach cop. [Herald]
  • Prosecutor David Ranck (alleged pizza lady puncher, but we digress) lost his freedom of speech lawsuit against the state attorney. He was suspended for 30 days, in part for posting a critical memo on his blog. [Herald]
  • Twin sisters escaped poverty in Miami, and now they're veterinarians in Jacksonville. [Jax]


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