News Roundup

  • Two employees of a wire company are charged with stealing remittances that were supposed to head to Cuba. [Herald]
  • Names on the invite list for the straight wedding of the century are leaking. Crist has invited a bunch of political-type people, old FSU frat bros, donors and lobbyists like Ron Book. [Herald]
  • The winners and the losers from Rep. Rivera's slim victory over Chris Curbelo for Miami-Dade's GOP Chief. [Versailles Beat]
  • A wacko white supremacist who threatened The Herald's Pulitzer-winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr was indicted. [Herald]
  • A mysterious powdery substance was found on mail in a postal facility that serves the state capitol. [Tally Dem]
  • Florida is so prison happy that some inmates are being kept in tents. [NBC6]
  • The auto bailout was killed last night by Senate Republicans. [WaPo]
  • RIP Bettie Page. You may be gone, but your bangs will live on forever. [LAT]
  • RIP Liz Donovan. [Pulp]


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