News Roundup


  • Whoops, cutting a deal with the black community sounded look a smooth move for Marlins Stadium supporters, but turns out it is unconstitutional. [Herald]
  • The suitcase trial ended with a four year prison sentence for a Venezuelan businessman. [BBC]
  • Here is a story about Puppies ...that die. It is a horrible thing to read to start of your day and will leave you with a permanent frowny face. [CBS4]
  • Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Naugle. [CBS4]


  • Harvey Milk's nephew was protesting for gay marriage up in Tallahassee the other day. [Democrat]
  • Ines Triay, a UM grad, was appointed to an assistant secretary position in the Dept. of Energy. [Naked Politics]
  • This headline is ridiculous, and I'm sure there are five good jokes in here: "Crist Reaffirms Openness Stance" [AP/Ledger]
  • Florida rankes near the bottom in getting diseases prevention funds. [Sentinel]


  • UM BBall coach Frank Haith is not leaving anytime soon. He will continue to lead his team to heartbreaking overtime loses at UM. [Herald]
  • Greg Cote wants Jay Cutler inside his Dolphin Stadium so bad. [Herald]


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