News Roundup


  • Floridians are still pessimistic about the economy. [Herald]
  • Bobby Young's days of killing people are officially over. He has died. [Herald
  • A new federal tax goes into effect today on cigarettes, just as the State is trying to push an additional tax. [NewsPress]


  • Dumb people who don't understand the concept of taxes will have a "Tea Party" on tax day. [CBS4]
  • Leonard Pitts Jr wants to legalize drugs. [Herald]


  • Federer and his arch rival Nadal both advance to the quarter finals. [AFP]
  • The Heat have a lot of road games to finish off the season, winning or losing those could decide their playoff fate. [USAToday]
  • Every once in a while non-mac users have to worry about weird computer viruses. Well, somehow the Miami Dolphins fell victim to this "Conficker" virus. [NBCMiami]


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