News Roundup


  • Finally, after ten long years, the Marlins will have a new home to lose in! Just kidding. Let's hope now they'll have the decency to build up a World Series-worthy team and then not sell off all of their star talent. [Herald]
  • Patients at the Veterans Hospital might have been exposed to HIV and other diseases because instruments were not properly sterilized. [AP]
  • A historical Egyptian coffin seized last month by Miami customs officials might be headed back to Egypt. [NYTimes]
  • Ummm, painting your yard green sounds like a very sensible thing to do. I would, but then there would be no reason to use my Hosey Cows, and Hosey Cows are a very cherished thing.  [NBCMiami]


  • Wonderfully chapeau'd state Sen. Frederica Wilson is gearing up for a fight to protect the class size amendment. [Herald]
  • The state AG's office is suing a Miami firm for taking upfront fees from homeowners looking to modify their past-due home loan agreements. [Herald]


  • Dwyane Wade broke a franchise record, previously held by him, for most points scored in a season, with a 94-82 win over the Grizzlies. [AP]
  • Venus Williams (my personal favorite Williams) and Brit Andy Wilson played car roof tennis along Ocean Drive yesterday. [Times]
  • Rafa Nadal has defeated everyone in his path this year, but he's trying not to be too cocky ahead of the Sony Ericsson Open. [Telegraph]
  • UF and UM will not be resuming a regularly scheduled football rivalry, which, honestly, is probably a good thing. UM will also stop playing FIU in everything that matters. [CBS4]


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