News Roundup

  • McCain more than doubled Obama's fundraising haul in Florida last month. A significant portion came in during the days after he announced Palin as his running mate. Nationally, Obama outraised McCain by a wide margin. [McClatchy]

  • Speaking of Palin. No one is quite sure just how large the crowd was at her first Florida appearance. Yeah, we're not very good at counting in this state. [Creative Loafing]

  • And why would we be, since numbers are so mind-boggling? The latest poll shows Obama with a slight lead in the State. [Naked Politics]

  • Florida is the least affordable state for renters, and South Florida is the worst area in the state. This is why I survive mainly on raman and generic cereals. [CBS 4]

  • Joe Garcia debuts his first television ad. It's about the economy, stupid. [Naked Politics]

  • Miami-based home-building giant Lennar reported losses of $89 million this quarter. [Herald]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder


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