News Roundup


  • Two schools in Doral were closed due to Swine Flu. [Herald]
  • So far 5 vets from 3 affected VA hospitals have tested positive for HIV. [NYTimes
  • Britto is due in court for his DUI charges today. [CBS4]


  • Oh,  Heat. You were eliminated. It's okay, we never expected that much out of you anyway. [ChiTrib]
  • But, hey at least TI was at your game! Isn't he supposed to be in jail? [MTV]
  • The Dolphins have a new CEO. He came from the Red Sox, but try not to hold that against him. [NDN]
  • The Hurricanes lost horrendously to the Boston College on Sunday, but luckily beat them Friday and Saturday to pick up their sixth straight conference series win. [Herald]


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