News Roundup

  • The Miami 21 zoning plan surprisingly was defeated last night, probably because Joe Sanchez wants to send a message he is not Manny Diaz's mini-me. [Herald]
  • The suspect in the Sean Taylor murder case had previously pleaded guilty, but he's expected to try to withdraw that plea. [AP]
  • Pictures have surfaced of children playing in the sex offender camp under the bridge. [CBS4]
  • While we're on that subject, here's another rundown of why the sex offender camp is the stupidest thing ever. [Jezebel]
  • Guess it's time to cue up the Allen Iverson/Heat rumors again. [Yahoo]
  • Jason Taylor and Coach Sparano have really hit it off. [AP]
  • The story-sharing plan among the three major dailies in South Florida is getting kind of ridiculous. [Pulp]
  • Jim DeFede listens to Marco Rubio speak and lives to tell about it, and boy does he. [CBS4]


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