News Roundup


  • This was a depressing weekend full of sad news and pure evil. Like this guy who killed his estranged wife and three others at a party, and then himself. [Herald]
  • Donte Stallworth, an NFL player, hit and killed a construction worker on 195. [AP]
  • Got an exotic pet laying around you don't need anymore. Call for our free kit, then mail the animal back to us in our special envelope. We'll send you a check for cash in days. Er....wait, just give it to the Metrozoo. They'll take it no questions asked. [AP]
  • Four trash bags full of pot were found on the side of the street in Ocala. [CBS4]


  • The Miami Herald is sick of seeing Bill McCollum's ugly little face on the television screen. [Herald]
  • Is accidental speaker of the house Larry Cretul a douchebag or a good leader for stripping Julio Robaina of his chairmanship? [Herald]
  • Kendrick Meek rounds up another union endorsement. [Hill]


  • A win against the Jazz propels Dwyane Wade to the top of the Heat's all-time scorer list. [Tribune]
  • Whoops, then they lost to the Sixers. [PBPost]
  • Your sixth ranked Miami Hurricanes baseball concern beat Duke this weekend. [Herald]
  • Phil Mickleson is your Doral golf champ. [Fox Sports]


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