News Roundup

  • If the fact that the Dolphins were leading the unbeaten Saints at the beginning of the third quarter seemed too good to be true, it was. The Saints put 21 unanswered points on the board in the fourth, and the Dolphins didn't have any response. [ESPN]
  • Fidel Castro's sister in Miami, Juanita, has a book out today, and like any good author pushing her memoir, she dropped a bomb: She collaborated with the CIA. [AP]
  • Jasper Howard's funeral is scheduled for today, and the entire UConn football team plans to be in attendance. [Courant]
  • Mike McQueen, a former Herald staffer and head of FIU's journalism department, passed away this weekend from complications of cancer. [AP]
  • Early voting for many of the municipal elections has begun. [Herald]
  • The Heat's Mike Beasley had another dumb photo scandal-that-wasn't this weekend, because -- oh, the humanity -- he fell asleep near some beer bottles on a boat. [NBCMiami]


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