News Roundup

What's in the papers and on the news today -- and why you care:

  • A former Miami-Dade Police officer was sentenced to eight years in prison after fleeing the scene of a fatal accident. Aren't cops supposed to know how the law works? [Local 10]

  • Names are already being mentioned as to who will replace Rudy Crew. [Herald]. The most interesting are former schools chief Octavio Visiedo and Mercedes Toural, a Crew critic who seemed to be on the fast track before the big fella took the post.

  • The NFL isn't exactly thrilled with Chad Ocho Cinco's new name. They say there's some issues to work out before they officially recognize him by the new moniker. [WIOD]

  • Hurricane Ike claims four lives in Cuba. [CBS 4]

, Couldn't they have given the damn storm a name that doesn't sound like a convict?

Kyle Munzenrieder


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