News Roundup


  • Donte' Stallworth surrendered to police. [CBS4]
  • The Miami planning board approved the permit for the Marlins stadium. [SFBJ]
  • Miami-Dade Transit has no money, so it's trying to skim a little off the top of stimulus money that belongs to municipalities. [MiamiToday]
  • HSBC (a bank) just signed a five-year deal with MIA (an airport) to be able to advertise the hell out of itself. [BuffNews]
  • Yo, Bernie Madoff, where are your boats? "They are in federal custody -- thanks for asking." [NBCMiami]


  • The Miami Heat is somehow messing up a decent season. The team lost 98-96 in Dallas. [Herald]
  • Charlie Crist named Alonzo Mourning as this week's "Point of Light," whatever that is. [WCTV]


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