News Roundup

  • A man stole handbags from Macy's in Aventura Mall and then, during the getaway, hit and killed a woman. [Herald]
  • Police are still searching for a woman involved in the handbag heist. Meanwhile, witnesses say the crash could have been prevented if police weren't so aggressive in their pursuit. [NBCMiami]
  • The school board has decided to extend Superintendent Carvalho's contract. [CBS4]
  • A soldier from South Florida was demoted and sentenced to time in a military jail for refusing to fight in Afghanistan because it isn't a war of self-defense. [NYTimes]
  • A University of Miami study says simply living in the United States increases cancer rates among Hispanics. America: Bad for your health? [Bloomberg]
  • Low demand for lobsters this season is driving prices down, which is bad for fishermen. [Herald]
  • Dolphins training camp is a drama-free zone. [Herald]
  • Coconut Grove bank fired 19 people and apparently isn't doing so well. [CGGV]


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