• CNN talking med head Sanjay Gupta is likely to be named Surgeon General. Apparently, Dr. Phil, Doctor Who, Doogie Houser, MD, the cast of Scrubs, Dr. Hibbert, and House were already busy. [CNN]
  • Cliff Stearns, a Republican congressman from Florida, has kindly asked that the US Congress be put on a hold for just a little bit so that he can go to the BCS game. [NBC6]
  • Florida's education programs have slightly improved, according to at least one measure. [NBC6]
  • Scientists at UM say they've identified nine genes related to Alzheimer's. [JustNews]
  • Despite the recent Robert Marve flap, in which UM Football Coach Randy Shannon came off as the biggest dick ever, kids still want to play with him, and the recruiting class is strong. Let's hope he can actually take advantage of all that talent as a coach. [Herald]

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