• Police Chief Miguel Exposito will be sworn in today. [Herald]
  • One of his first orders of business may be making sure the Coconut Grove rapist is found. Police believe one man is responsible for both rapes and other assaults in the area. [CBS4]
  • A Miami-Dade assistant Public Defender was charged with dealing oxycodone. [Herald]
  • On that note, deaths related to prescription drug abuse is on the rise in the Sunshine State. [CBS4]
  • The Gables High stabbing suspect will remain in jail until his trial. [CBS4]

News Roundup


  • Charlie Crist is about to remove the gloves and go after Rubio. [StPeteTimes]
  • That unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach? Sarah Palin is within our State borders today. [TimesUnion]


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