• It was so exciting to get back in the playoffs, until we remembered that the Dolphins are not too lucky in the playoffs. They lost to the Ravens 27-9. [AP]
  • But, hey, Bill Parcells isn't going anywhere. [AP]
  • Thousands of shoes magically showed up on the Palmetto Expressway. My guess is that Cuba tried to build a shoe bomb to hurl at George W. Bush, but it undershot miserably. [WaPo]
  • Randy Shannon apparently decided to be a little less of a dick to Robert Marve, but he still won't be playing for UF anytime soon. [MSNBC]
  • Manny Diaz pretty much won't be getting an Obama job anytime soon, and I really shouldn't be the one pointing out typos, but apparently he is a "long short." [Herald]
  • The state legislature's special session starts today. They will nervously search through all the couches in the capitol looking for enough change to fill the $2.3 billion budget gap. [Herald]

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