News Roundup

  • Jaclyn Torrealba's father says he didn't consider DJ Seasunz to be her boyfriend, and said he tried to talk his daughter out of the relationship. He also doesn't believe the rumor that Torrealba had aborted a fetus conceived with Seasunz. [Crimesider]
  • The Sun-Sentinel will become noticeably slimmer next year. The width of the paper will be trimmed to 44 inches. Ugh, the previous 46 inches lined the bottom of my bird cage perfectly. [News&Tech]
  • Here's a puff piece about the Dolphins' cavalcade of celeb owners. [USAToday]
  • More important, though, RB Patrick Cobb is out for the season. [AFP]
  • A Miami Beach charter school faces closure. [Herald]
  • A Surfside man was running from a loose Rottweiler when he got hit by a bus. Which just goes to show you: Always look both ways while crossing the street, even when you're running from vicious animals. [CBS4]


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