• Man it is cold out. ("How cold is it?") It's so cold that Gov. Crist has declared a state of emergency, so this isn't a joke. [CBS4]
  • Scott Rothstein may be planning to enter a plea bargain, and pleading guilty. [JustNews]
  • Five workers with Miami-Dade waste management were arrested after taking bribes from illegal dumpers. [Herald]
  • The father of the man who set his mother on fire says his son was sick. [Herald]
  • An employee of Palm Spring Middle School has been accused of having sex with a 13-year-old female student on campus. [JustNews]

News Roundup:


  • Dolphin Stadium needs a facelift, but naturally tax payers may be stuck with the $250 million bill. Though, they may actually ask those freeloading Broward and Palm-Beach sports fans to pitch in too. [Herald]
  • Last night's Orange Bowl was the coldest on record. In fact it broke the record by about 9 degrees. [FoxNews]
  • Oh yeah, the Iowa Hawkeyes won that game. [USAToday]
  • Obie, the Orange Bowl Orange, wants to make sure Lady Gaga gets her daily dose of vitamin c. [NBCMiami]


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