News Roundup

  • Alex Sink is NOT RUNNING FOR SENATE. Florida's Senate race in 2010 will be one of the hottest in the nation, so why has everyone notable chosen not¬†to¬†pursuit it? [Naked Politics]
  • Chairman Moss reorganized the county commission committees, and a certain sector isn't too happy. [Eye On Miami]
  • Awww, Damon Weaver got press credentials for the inauguration. [Juice]
  • PBS tackles Internet humor with Amy Sedaris. [PBS]
  • Bacardi is draping its building in downtown with a seven-story flag -- for Obama. [NBC6]
  • Dolphins secondary coach Todd Bowles will not be heading to Detroit next season. [Freep]
  • Meanwhile, the Fins hired a new offensive line coach from the Giants. [CP]

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