News Roundup


  • 74% of Catholics in Miami-Dade oppose the policy of clerical celibacy. [Herald]
  • Gas prices have been silently creeping back up. Miami-Dade averaged $2.28 a gallon, which is seven cents higher than the national average. [CBS4]
  • The kinds of moms who spend all their time online instead of with their children get free things, but is it ethical? [Herald]
  • Jackie Bueno Sousa is still writing her column. This week: At least Father Cutié wasn't married, because, you know, it would have been harder for him to keep it in his pants. [Herald]


  • The Marlins went 2-1 in their series with the Colorado Rockies. [Sun]
  • They also batted with pink bats for breast cancer. [MLB]
  • Canes baseball is not doing so great lately, but Jim Morris says not to worry. [Herald]


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