News Roundup


  • Herald Metro editor Manny Garcia has been tapped to take over El Nuevo Herald. [Pulp]
  • Mindy Marques will take over some of his duties, and more editors are expected to lose there jobs soon. [Pulp]
  • Taking an unconstitutional passage out of the Marlins stadium deal makes you a segregationist, apparently. [NBCMiami]
  • One of the companies involved in the building of the stadium has a shady reputation. [CBS4]
  • Meanwhile, The Marlins are giving into some demands which may sweeten the deal. [Herald]


  • Nan Rich will make an appearance on The Daily Show. [NBCMIami]
  • Ron Book's daughter had a fancy $1 million wedding. [Naked Politics]


  • The Celtics beat the Heat to clinch the division title. Dwyane Wade missed the first game of the season due to a hip injury. [LATimes]
  • The Canes took a healthy win against Providence in the first round of the NIT. [KCStar]


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