News Roundup

  • The former partners at a major Miami architecture firm are accusing one founder of fraud. [Herald]
  • Wingnuts everywhere rejoice. Miami's ACLU affiliate was forced to cut 20 percent of its staff. [Herald]
  • Authorities rounded up 117 illegal immigrants. Only 30 had previous criminal records. [NBC6]
  • How cold was it last night? It was so cold that when I turned on the shower, I got hail! Ayo! (thanks, dumb joke website)  [CBS4]
  • An ethics panel shook its head in shame over Miami Beach's handling of the Club Madonna lawsuits. [Herald]
  • Fendi came to town for a small, exclusive fashion show to hype its python bags, which no one can afford anymore. [STimes]
  • Two men involved in an underage prostitution scheme were shot and wounded by police. [Herald]
  • More about National Signing Day. [Herald]
  • Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has come up with a plan to cut the Miami-Dade school district's budget by $56 million. [NBC6]


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