News Roundup


  • Forget the ethical, legal, political, and human concerns that would arise if the embargo on Cuba were lifted. How would it benefit me economically? [Reuters]
  • If you have a bunch of umbilical cords taking up space in your closet, South Miami Hospital now has a donation bank. [Herald]
  • The Venetian Causeway has been reopened. Oh, how I missed it so. [TransitMiami]
  • North Miami residents have the fun of a run-off election today to choose their new Mayor! [CBS4]
  • Well, of course tourism numbers were down, but hotels in Miami-Dade did better than the rest of this crummy state. [Herald]
  • Charlie Crist officially signed the bill that will raise college tuition by 15 percent each year. Let's see if that'll come up in the election. [CBS4]
  • Commissioners will vote today on a fire fee hike. [CBS4]


  • The Panthers' GM is going to coach hockey in a place where it is actually appropriate. [Herald]
  • The Fins know you're poor, so they have flex plan tickets for you. [Herald]


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