News Roundup

  • Obama and McCain are both coming back to the Sunshine State. Obama wants to remind us to vote early, and McCain wants to talk about Joe the Plumber again. [Herald]

  • Local 10 says the race is tied in Florida. [Local 10]

  • But Real Clear Politics still shows a small lead for Obama, and McCain hasn't been up in more than a week. [RCP]

  • The battle to represent Cuba ... er ... Miami in Congress isn't even about Cuba anymore. It's the economy, stupid. [Herald]

  • With age comes wisdom: Interview with a 100-year-old voter. [EyeOnMiami]

  • Voter march for Amendment 8. [CBS4]

  • 30 Florida counties are going to ignore state suggestions on how to deal with "no match". [Herald]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder


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