News Roundup

  • Former Senate President Jim King died this weekend after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He had been a lawmaker for more than 23 years. Perhaps King's highest-profile moment came when the Republican senator successfully opposed Gov. Jeb Bush in the Terri Schiavo case. [FTU]
  • It's been a bad month for the former owner of Windjammer Cruises. His old house (that castle in Miami Beach) burned down a week and half ago, and now one of his sons is dead. [CBS4]
  • I don't know what a "disco stick" is, but I do know what a tickle stick is, and lobster mini-season kicks off this Wednesday. [CBS4]
  • A woman drowned in a South Miami-Dade lake late Sunday. [Herald]
  • A North Miami-Dade lady returned from a two-week trip to find her husband dead. [CBS4]


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