News Roundup

  • In perhaps the most important news ever, Riptide and all its sister blogs got some work done. Everyone knows you've gotta go under the knife once in a while in this town to keep up.
  • Obama promises to close Gitmo, sometime. No sure when, but he'll get around to it. [CBS4]
  • Charlie Crist gets mixed mid-term marks from The Herald. [Naked Politics]
  • Here's some news that global warming denial-ists are sure to take out of context: Florida actually had colder than average temperature in 2008. [NBC6]
  • But wait! CBS4 says that our temperatures were hotter than average! [CBS4]
  • The Repub POF decides to keep the status quo, and elected Jim Greer for another term as chair. [CBS4]
  • This budget-slashing three-ring circus that is wrapping up in Tallahassee is making Jim DeFede very depressed. [CBS4]
  • They ended up cutting $2.8 billion. We'll look into it a little more a bit later. [Naked Politics]


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