News Roundup

  • Like Christina Milian, the gods of weather are going to dip it low, and after a week of record highs, we might see record lows. These weather gods are obviously bipolar. [CBS4]
  • Wow, Bill Nelson's senate committee is done with health care, and what does he instantly start up on again? Chinese drywall. [Herald]
  • So, 20 Cuban spies walk into American embassies post-9/11. No, seriously, Fidel Castro tried his best to confuse U.S. intelligence in the months after 9/11. [Herald]
  • Three people were injured after shots broke out at a child's birthday party. No kids were harmed, and those shot are recovering. [CBS4]
  • Someone's dreams went up in flames today when a mobile home caught fire in North Miami-Dade. No injuries were reported. [CBS4]


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