• It is the 50th anniversary of the start of complete and utter failure in Cuba. [Herald]
  • Haitian-Americans have their very own Madoff to hate now. George Theodule bilked more than $23 million in a ponzi scheme. [JustNews]
  • Demonstrators with sympathies on both side of the Isreal-Palestine conflict took to the streets yesterday in protest. [Herald]
  • $5.5 million worth of cocaine was seized at Port of Miami. New Year's Eve for coke heads has been ruined. [NBC6]
  • More of these depressing facts of why the housing turmoil has hit Miami extra hard. Homes have lost about 30% of their value in the last year. [NBC6]
  • Bill Clinton will be in town next week to raise money for a national MLK monument. No word on whether later in the evening he'll hit up LIV and Louis like every other well known international playboy who comes to town. [CBS4]
  • Obama Soap on a Roap: If parents wash their kids mouth out with this they all the sudden gain the power to speak eloquently in front of large groups. [Babalu]

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