News Roundup

  • Esteban ''Steve'' Bovo and Marco Rubio are doing things that might raise a few ethical eyebrows? Who could have imagined? [Herald]
  • "I'm on a boat. I'm on a boat. Everybody look at me cause I'm sailing on a boat. I'm on a boat. I'm on a boat. Take a good hard look at the Mother F*ckin' Boat  ..." Oh, um, the Miami International Boat Show hopes more people say that despite the recession. [Herald]
  • In a time when every other shop on the block is going out of business, there's one industry that is hot: Liquidators! [CBS4]
  • Mickey Rourke won the BAFTA last night, which just about ties up the race between him and Sean Penn for the Oscar. [Reuters]
  • The Grammys were last night too. Mickey Rourke didn't win a thing, but M.I.A. won the award for "Best Nine Months Pregnant Rap Performance since Amy Poehler's Palin rap." It was the greatest thing to happen ever. [ONTD]
  • The Citizens Independent Transportation Trust got itself a nice new director. [Herald]

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