News Roundup


  • Getting laid off individually is so trite. The new trend is to be part

    of a mass layoff. Unfortunately, all of your friends are doing it. [Herald]

  • We're number one! This time in highest health-care costs in the nation. [Herald]
  • Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff will bring up a resolution at today's council meeting that would prohibit the city from dealing with businesses that hire foreign workers with H2B visas. Gee, with thousands of people lining up for fire-rescue jobs, there seems to be enough of a willing workforce without bringing in foreign workers at the moment.  [DeFede/CBS4]
  • Miami-Dade is so proud of its Mortgage Fraud Task Force that it would like to see a similar program implemented nationally. [Naked Politics]
  • Police in North Miami shot a suspected murderer last night. [CBS4]
  • Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner is leading the brave fight against powerline blight. [Eye On Miami]
  • NBC6 has teamed up with the South Florida Times. Apparently "no other weekly newspaper in South Florida has garnered such notoriety." [SFLTV]
  • Books & Books' Lincoln Road store moved to a courtyard space off the main strip a month ago, but here's a story about it now. There is now a Diesel jeans store in the old B&B location, a place where people who don't read books go to buy denim. [Herald]


  • Our current Republican boyfriend Gov. Charlie Crist came to West Dade yesterday to sing the praises of the stimulus package. [CBS4]
  • When Donna Shalala told me this story while I was taking her class at UM, she said she spent the entire time in the Oval Office. Turns out she just briefly checked in. [Naked Politics]
  • Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp will face some ethics charges over his pricey transportation habits. Meanwhile, his mustache has not been implicated. [AP/TBO]
  • Brave American patriot Rush Limbaugh is standing up for his new man-crush: the tall, dark, and handsome pin-up governor, Bobby Jindal. [Wonkette]


  • Linebacker Channing Crowder signed a multiyear deal with the Dolphins yesterday. [AP]
  • Everyone in the ACC wants to be Jack McClinton's bff. [IHT]


  • Perez Hilton takes time to solicit donations for Lotus House, a women's shelter in Overtown. Now we feel bad for calling him a whale the other day. [PerezHilton]
  • Do you know which program we have to blame for hearing "Bad to the Bone" in every movie and TV show ever? Miami Vice! [Decider]
  • Have you done your civic duty and joined a "Mickey Rourke Was Robbed" Facebook group yet? Can we make Carlos Alvarez declare an official "Mickey Rourke Was Robbed" Day? [Videogum]
  • Speaking of Rourke, somehow he is connected to the firing of Freddie Prinze Jr. from the WWE. Yes, Freddie Prinze Jr worked as a writer for the WWE. [Defamer]


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