News Roundup

  • County Mayor Carlos Alvarez is now proposing sweeping pay cuts for municipal workers. [Herald]
  • Marco Rubio finds it just hurtful and disrespectful when you whisper things about him behind his back -- like that he might drop out of the Senate race and run for AG. [NakedPolitics]
  • West 8 has officially been accepted as the design firm replacing Frank Gehry on the Miami Beach park project. [Herald]
  • The Miami Heat dancers are holding auditions. You know I'm working on my coochie up 'n' downs as we speak.  [CBS4]
  • A Hialeah landlord is being charged with killing his tenant and storing the body under the floorboards. [Herald]
  • Ricky Williams is training to be a massage therapist, and has his hands all over some Herald reporter. [Herald]
  • A closer look at campaign donations in the mayor's race. [EyeOnMiami]


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