News Roundup

  • The Port of Miami tunnel isn't dead yet, and may be back on in April. [Herald]
  • The Florida Speaker of the House took a job with a school he's steered money towards which may not be ethical, and he's basically the worst speaker ever. [Herald]
  • Thieves in Hialeah broke into a Best Buy. Don't they know they can go to Circuit City and get the same stuff for cheap now? [CBS4]
  • 5 area Catholic schools will be closing at the end of the school year. [CBS4]
  • You now have a "towing bill of rights" in Miami Beach. [SunPost]
  • Palm Beach county is totally jealous of our Inspector General. [PBPost]
  • Rednecks are pissed because the State won't create a Confederate flag license plate. So, they're going to file a lawsuit. [NakedPolitics]
  • Hey, even the Panthers might make it to the playoffs. [Herald]


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