• Miami Beach hires  one of the world's most well known architects, Frank Gehry, to design a new home for the New World Symphony. then it seriously asks him to reduce his fee. Gehry may leave the project. [Architect's Journal]
  • Former Miami Beach Mayor and former jailbird Alex Daoud was excluded from a speaking engagement at University of Tampa. It is all Rod Blagojevich's fault. [Herald]
  • Miami Beach finally, finally had its first official gay pride parade. [SunSent]
  • We are doing away with toll booths! Unfortunately we're not doing away with tolls. The Gratigny Parkway will roll out open road tolling - meaning SunPass or video tolling either (sending a bill to your home based on taking pictures of your license plate). So toll collectors will be out of a job, and now people will probably just ignore the bill they get for $1.25 or whatever and the city will have to pay people to harass them to collect it. [Herald]
  • 7 Miami VA patients tested positive for hep C, and 1 for HIV. [Herald]
  • A Miami-Dade cop hit and killed a man with his police cruiser. [WSVN]
  • Police pulled over a guy in a red SUV,suspicious that he was doing lewd things in front of children. He pulled out a firearm, so they shot him. [SunSent]

News Roundup


  • The Heat looked horrible in the first game of the playoffs, loosing 90-64. [USAToday]
  • UM Baseball was swept this weekend by no. 4 UNC. No, we are not used to being swept. [Herald]
  • Marlins. 11-1. Dear God. [SunSent]


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