News Roundup

  • In the wake of the first hopeful results of a preventative HIV vaccine in Thailand, a researcher at the University of Miami is preparing to begin human trials for a new therapeutic vaccine that might help HIV-positive people fight the disease. [Herald
  • In order to give two unions more time to reach deals and hopefully avoid layoffs, the Miami City Commission decided to delay the final vote on the budget. [Herald
  • Take Back the Land is at it again, placing squatters at a waterfront pad in Coral Gables. The neighbors are none too happy. [NBCMiami
  • Joey Porter is dealing with a "hamstring tweak" that's limiting his play. [SunSent

  • WSVN will add two more half-hour news shows, further cementing its place as one of the more news-happy local stations in the nation. [Herald
  • No champagne in the champagne room: Miami Beach upholds its ban on alcohol in strip clubs. [TheLead]


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