News Roundup

  • Well, gosh darn it, ya'll. Your Miami Hurricanes basketballing team lost pretty badly to FSU: 80-67. There goes hopes of finishing out ACC regular-season play with more wins than losses. [Democrat]
  • One of the top producers at Stanford Group's Miami office says he raised red flags about something fishy going on. R. Allen Stanford is, of course, the latest mini-Madoff. [Herald]
  • Speaking of, the feds raided that Miami office last night. [CBS4]
  • Fewer people are moving to Florida. Apparently the cruddy economy and wacky real estate market aren't worth the nice beaches. [AP]
  • This is the story of one lone cop forced to turn vigilante -- in the name of his beloved dirt bike. Yep, a Hialeah Police officer forced some guy into his car at gunpoint to find his stolen bike and then located it in a garage and forced everyone to lie on the ground. [JustNews]


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