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Colorado Went to Pot in 2014 -- but There's More!

Colorado rang in 2014 with a bit of a mellow buzz — a certain relaxed attitude — and it was a feeling that lasted throughout the year. Sure, that mellow was harshed by continuing problems with police and sheriff's deputies, as well as a very contested (and expensive) election season. But there were no major natural disasters to speak of, no mass shootings, no economic meltdowns — so we were able to tune out the background noise a little and focus inward, man. In fact, the year provided several thought-provoking civics lessons. After hard-fought legal battles, the U.S. Supr... full story >>

SF Weekly

What Happens Here Gets Heard: Lessons from Four Years in the Trenches of San Francisco Music

Lars Ulrich is not a scary man. He is short, Danish, and gabby. He often wears gym shorts onstage. But at the Fillmore that night, Lars Ulrich wasn't the one making threats. He was just delivering them.

"If you fuck with him, he will beat your ass," the short drummer squawked.

This was a guest-filled Metallica 30th anniversary concert, so there were plenty of characters around capable of beating most anyone's ass if they felt fucked with. But everyone in the crowd seemed to pretty much know who Ulrich was talking about. He was coming on next. And even if they were deeply unh... full story >>

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