Natacha Seijas goes on a recall rampage

Natacha Seijas, along with Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, is one week closer to her political reckoning on March 15, which means she will get only more viciously cantankerous than ever. Since the second attempt to recall her in four years kicked off, the county commissioner representing Hialeah and Miami Lakes has been on a rampage, threatening colleagues, snarling at reporters, and bullying the folks seeking her removal from office.

We've been tracking her every step of the way, documenting her poisonous quotes whenever she's had to address the subject of her recall. If you live in her district and have not yet voted, we'll let her own words motivate you to cast your ballot to kick her ass out.

• September 24, Stephen P. Clark Center, talking about the recall: "Been there, done that, and I am still here. So either way, bring it on!"


Natacha Seijas

• January 13, Stephen P. Clark Center, addressing her colleagues: "And for those that did not hear me, it could come back to you and haunt you one day."

• January 31, Hialeah clinic grand opening, snapping at a persistent TV reporter: "I'm busy! No, ma'am; no, ma'am! We are not here for that! We are here for something very special, OK? There is a lawsuit, and I am not going to answer! Do you know what a lawsuit is? Thanks!"

• February 7, Kendall law office during a deposition: "I don't remember asking anybody to do anything. I am not a notary. I am not an attorney. And I don't know how to review any documentation, so I cannot give you an opinion on that."

• February 22, Flagler Courthouse steps, speaking to TV reporters: "Get that thing out of my face! Just a moment! I will continue to respect the judicial policy. You respect your audience!"


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