Murder Miami Style: Earlington Heights Metrorail Station

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Fifty-year-old security guard Chevor Wint was shot dead just after 10:10 Sunday night in the parking garage at the Earlington Heights Metrorail Station.

Two suspects -- either in their teens or early 20s -- fled on foot and on a bicycle. One wore a white shirt and the other dark clothing.

The last security guard killing -- as noted by the Miami Herald -- occurred in 2006.

Public records show that Wint and his wife, Imogene, had paid off the mortgage for their $195,000 home near NW Seventh Avenue and Miami Gardens Drive in 2007.

Public records also show a Chevor Wint was sued in 1994 by someone named Jimmie R. Cooper, seemingly for a bad debt of $240.

Authorities are offering an $11,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killers.


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