More Kindness From Strangers? Go Figure

A quick update from the Bike Blog for anyone needing a little reaffirmation of human kindness in Miami: Last week, I wrote about a couple of times when I'd gotten a flat while biking through Overtown – in both cases, friendly passers-by had immediately offered their help.

This morning, as I was riding through Little Haiti – another Miami neighborhood which regularly makes headlines for crime, drugs, and gang shootouts – I got another flat. This time, I was accosted, literally within minutes, by a man on the street.

“You need air?” he asked in a thick Creole accent.

I told him I had a pump, but that the tube was busted.

“You have tools?” he asked.

I haven’t tried riding naked through Pork and Beans, waving hundred-dollar-bills yet, but I’m beginning to think that the more flats I get in this city, the friendlier it gets.

--Isaiah Thompson


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