Mitt Romney Polling Horribly Among Florida Women and Minorities

Mitt Romney Polling Horribly Among Florida Women and Minorities

What stands between Mitt Romney and victory in Florida? Apparently women and minority voters. Barack Obama has hefty advantages in those two demographics according to the latest Time/CNN poll, which shouldn't be too surprising considering his party has found itself embroiled in controversies in the past few years regarding women's reproductive health and immigration issues.

The latest Time/CNN poll finds Barack Obama 50 percent to Romney's 46 percent.

Among woman Obama leads 54 percent to just 42 percent. Among non-white voters, Obama has a 70 percent to 29 percent in Florida.

That number follows a national poll that shows Obama has a 65-26 percent lead among Hispanic voters.

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Romney meanwhile has a lead among elderly voters, with 51 percent of 65+ voters going for him to 45 percent to Obama.

Overall, the Real Clear Politics average shows Obama with a 1 point lead. Of interest though is the fact that only two polls have shown Romney with an advantage: Rasumussen Reports (which generally is kinder to Republicans) and the relatively new polling firm Purple Strategies. No other major pollster has found Romney with a lead in Florida since May.

The New York Times' 538 meanwhile gives Romney the slight advantage with a 51 percent chance of winning to Obama's 49 percent.

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