Miley Cyrus's Under-Boob Tattoo: Most Talked-About Piece of Art in Town

Forget art videos of synchronized anal sex or the unusual number of Che portraits at Art Basel, the number one most talked-about visual statement in Miami this week is apparently 17-year-old Miley Cyrus's underboob tattoo.

After her concert at the AAA Wednesday, Cyrus relaxed poolside at the Fontainebleau and unveiled a tattoo just under her bikini top that reads "just breath." Because we are all basically horrible, it is all anyone is talking about today.

As a side note: What is the deal with the Fontainebleau lately? First it's losing cars, and now it's letting bikini-clad underaged guests get filmed by total strangers.

To add to the nonstory, blind-item proprietor Crazy Days and Nights posts a tidbit about an unnamed "A-list tweener" who had a tattoo with an ex-boyfriend's name that her new bf wasn't wild about: "She has a different boyfriend and he doesn't like opening the presents so to speak and seeing another name so our tweener is going to change it but can't decide if it should be the new boyfriend's name or something generic like don't chew gum with your mouth open."

ZOMG! Miley's ex is named Justin, which shares the first four letters of her new tattoo. Gawker also points out it's similar to Lindsay Lohan's white-ink "Breath" wrist tattoo, a piece that Riptide has long sworn to one day get drunk and ironically replicate on himself.

Anyway, the tat is making the blog rounds here as well as the British 'bloids, because, again, we are all terrible people, and also: pageviews.


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