Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino Countersues Dilligaf Clothing Line

Early this month, Miami-based Dilligaf clothing line filed suit against Jersey Shore star Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino, claiming he refused to promote a line the two parties had planned. Now, Sorrentino is countersuing and asserts that Dilligaf (an acronymf or "Do I look like I give a fuck?") didn't even have the means to produce the clothing in the first place; ergo he had nothing to promote.

Sorrentino, who has retained the services of Miami-based law firm Ehrenstein Charbonneau Calderin, claims in the suit that Dilligaf never did much to develop the line, which was originally billed as "couture," besides designing a few T-shirts.

The Sitch's suit also claims Dilligaf refused to create a website for his line or provide him with any of the clothes to wear. Which, well, by the looks of Dilligaf's other clothing, he might have dodged a bullet.

His lawyers are demanding a trial by jury to sort the whole thing out.

In the meantime, it seems Sorrentino has found a better clothing line partner. He has reportedly landed a six-figure deal to design tuxedos.

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