Michael Jordan Buys A Humble Three Bedroom in Kendall

After OJ Simpson had to switch his residency to a prison pen, Kendall has been missing a sports star resident to call its own. Well, trading OJ Simpson for Michael Jordan would be a major coup.

As first reported by The Palm Beach Post, it seems Michael Jordan and his 30 year-old Cuban-American beau Yvette Prieto have indeed bought a 3-bedroom house together in Kendall for $281,000.

We took a look at the abode on Google maps (check it out the behind the cut) and it doesn't seem fit for a sports legend. We're guessing Jordan won't be setting up house there, himself. The Post mentions that Prieto had some credit problems and filed for bankruptcy in 2002, maybe he's helping her out (or helping her help a family member out). 

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