Miami's Ten Best Hidden Parks

Miami's Ten Best Hidden Parks
Photo via Ivan Peña's Flickr | MNT Flickr Pool

It's Earth Day, which at the very least means you should figure out some time to be outside and be one with nature today. Miami, of course, is the only major city sandwiched between two national parks (Everglades to the west, Biscayne to the east), but there's plenty of green space in between -- some of which might get overlooked. Here are our picks for ten of the best hidden parks in Miami-Dade.

Miami's Ten Best Hidden Parks

Pinetree Park

Pinetree Drive and West 45th Street, Miami Beach

Located amid Pinetree Drive mansions, this park gives the public a taste of that Indian Creek view. In fact, the park affords a direct view of the Fontainebleau hotel. The park features walking trails, an area for dogs, and even a place to launch a kayak.

Miami's Ten Best Hidden Parks
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