Miami's Five Best Public Pools

Miami's Five Best Public Pools

It's the day after Memorial Day, which means, culturally at least, it's officially the beginning of summer. Soon the kids will be home from school all day and your A/C will pumping to the max. If only there were some sort of public facility to entertain the family while keeping everyone cool at the same time. Oh, wait, public pools!

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Before you take the crew out for a swim, check Riptide's definitive list of Miami's best spots for a dip.

Miami's Five Best Public Pools
photo: Jesper Rautell Balle | WikiCommons, CC3.0

Venetian Pool

2701 de Soto Boulevard, Coral Gables

Perhaps one of the United States' most unique public swimming holes, Venetian Pool was created in 1923 in an old rock quarry. Spring water is pumped in from an underground aquifer. The pool features two historic lookout towers and cascading waterfalls.

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