View our Dirty Dozen 2010 slide show.
View our Dirty Dozen 2010 slide show.
Illustration by Derf

Miami's dirty dozen of 2010

•Miami-based porn star Capri Anderson had the misfortune of meeting perennial moron Charlie Sheen and a mound of cocaine. Sheen was discovered trying to bust down a hotel bathroom door to get at Anderson, whom he accused of stealing his watch.

•South Beach's streets ran green with Snooki's vomit as the Jersey Shore idiots invaded the island's tackiest clubs, fought with each other, and achieved unprecedented hues of dermatologic mahogany.

•Newly-elected Governor Rick Scott ran a company targeted in Florida's largest Medicare fraud case.


Jersey Shore

•Flaky football swami Bill Parcells retreated from the Dolphins executive vice-presidency to become a consultant, so we blame him for the second straight crap-tastic season.

Jennifer Lopez was once an A-lister. But after Gigli and a legendary string of criminally-bad romantic comedies, she's been relegated to a judgeship on American Idol. Here's hoping she gives up cinema.

•Rapper Wyclef Jean was busted mismanaging his Haitian charity and then attempted to run for president of the country. Declared ineligible for office, he came up with a whiny song about the experience.

•Homophobic reggae star Buju Banton faces a potential federal prison sentence for trying to buy kilos of cocaine from an undercover agent in Miami.

•Skinflint Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria scammed taxpayers into paying for a new stadium despite secret eight-figure profits. He released eventual World Series hero Cody Ross and traded slugger Dan Uggla.

•Latin crooner Carlos Bertonatti drunkenly mowed down a cyclist and then allegedly fled the scene.

•Pesky billionaire auto magnate Norman Braman petitioned for a recall of inept Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Hizzoner filed, then dropped, a futile lawsuit and may face voters' wrath.

•Hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks used Twitter to brag about sex with every Z-list rapper on the planet.

New Times exposed Christian junk scientist George Alan Rekers, once paid $120,000 for expert testimony against gay adoption, taking a European vacation with a male prostitute.

Miami's dirty dozen of 2010
Illustration by Derf


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