Miami's Dirty Dozen 2013: The Characters Who Shamed the Magic City This Year

Every year, Miami New Times names the 12 most awful people in our community -- one per month -- and then asks acclaimed artist Derf to caricature them so you can feel better about your jerk neighbors.

Click through to meet the scoundrels who shamed the Magic City this year. Consider it our Christmas present from Riptide. Enjoy!

Both a warning not to proclaim yourself a "party princess" in your Twitter bio and, more seriously, not to drink and drive, Karlie Tomica was an underage Nikki Beach bartender who got smashed on the job, struck and killed a local chef walking along Collins Avenue on her early-morning drive home, and then drove off. She's in jail on manslaughter charges.

Alex Rodriguez was suspended for a record 211 games by Major League Baseball after a New Times investigation uncovered his ties to Coral Gables steroid clinic Biogenesis. He is still fighting that decision. Phony doctor and Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch plied A-Rod, Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colón, Nelson Cruz, and other professional athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.

Florida International University's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was suspended after New Times revealed the Pikes had bragged on their private Facebook page about dealing drugs, hazing pledges, and cheating on tests. The frat bros also posted several pictures of naked women, including their girlfriends.

Miami Beach cop Jorge Mercado was put on leave and remains under investigation after fatally Tasering teenage graffiti artist Israel "Reefa" Hernandez on August 6.

Derek Medina made perhaps the most disturbing Facebook update in history by uploading a picture of his dead wife, whom he had just shot in the head, and confessing to the murder.

Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño strove to be the center of attention by spearheading a spurious battle against bath salts. Instead, he ended up in the spotlight for accepting $30,000 in illegal kickbacks and running a tow company racket. Maroño pleaded guilty.

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