Miamians Shop Online More Than Any Other City

You might not know it from trying to find parking at Aventura Mall, but apparently Miamians love to do a good bulk of their shopping online. More than residents in any other major city in America, actually, and by a large margin.

Budget site raked over the numbers and ranked America's 65 biggest metro areas by their online shopping habits.

They found that Miamians spend an astonishing 5.6 times the national average shopping online, and spend five times more online than the national average. That's quite staggering, considering only 55 percent of Miamians have regular access to the internet.

To put that in perspective, New York City came in at number two. New Yorkers only spent 3.5 times the national average shopping online, and only spent 3.67 times the average.

You might remember back in May when crowned Miami as the sixth most well- read city in America. That ranking was based solely on online orders of books, newspapers and magazines. So, maybe we're not actually all that well read. We just have a serious online shopping addiction that inflated those numbers.

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