Miami: The Beautiful and the Dumb

According to Travel + Leisure's latest rankings of "America's Favorite Cities" tourists think Miami natives are pretty, but dumb. The magazine invited readers to fill out a web survey to rank 25 American cities by various categories.

Miami took top honors for having the most attractive people, and came in second for most stylish populace. We ranked in the top 5 for all nightlife categories, and came in third for both "favorite spring break destination" and best place to have a "wild weekend."

Continuing the theme of ranking high in frivolous categories, and low in practical matters we ranked near the bottom for our public transportation system and most cultural categories (including 17th for best art galleries. Wynwood is gonna be pissed).

Visitors also seem to think we're both exceptionally dumb (24th in intelligence) and mean (21st in friendliest). Why are we going to be nice to this tourist trash that think we're all pretty outside and vapid on the inside?

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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